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The gay scene may not be as obvious on Crete as it would be on Mykonos, but that doesn’t mean that the island is any less worth visiting for gay and lesbian travellers. There’s still a lively scene; you just have to know where to find it.
Chania is the island’s capital and is the most popular town for most gay travellers. But other areas worth visiting are Heraklion, Rethymno, and Malia. Dio Lux and Street Bar are great venues if you are in the capital Chania – or if you are looking for an ultra-cosmopolitan strip on Crete, be sure to go to Villa Ralfa resort in Hersonissos. In Villa Ralfa you will find YOLO Bar, a gay and lesbian traveller favourite.
Agia Fotia Beach, 11km west of Makry Gialos is a distinctive gay cruising area. Other stunning beaches which are gay friendly include Kommos Beach on the road to Matala, Hersonissos Nudist Beach and the award winning Falassarna Beach.
Although homosexuality was decriminalised in 1951, Greece isn’t without its discrimination and challenges. Just like any other country, the LGBT community could face both legal and social issues living and working in Greece. For travellers though, the experience is more often than not extremely easy and enjoyable. And as long as you’re discreet and respectful to the locals, there should be no problems at all during your stay. In fact, you will find most residents to be very pleasant, warm and always welcoming to guests no matter their gender or sexuality.
Both male and female same sex relationships are considered legal in Greece so gay and lesbian couples can be quite open about their lifestyles (although not everyone in Greece will be as accepting as the law).
The Greek Law does not supply any official recognition of same sex couples so gay marriage is not yet fully endorsed in Greece. However, back in 2008, Anastasios Aliferis (The Mayor of Tilos) is believed to have found a loophole. He married a number of gay and lesbian couples citing that an 1982 Greek law allowed civil marriage between “persons” without specifying gender or sexual orientation. But he was immediately criticised by the Greek Church and all marriages were not considered valid. Same sex marriage remains a controversial issue today.
Working in Greece.
Male prostitution was made legal in 2006, with the age of consent being 17 years. However lesbian prostitution is neither mentioned nor acknowledged in Greece’s criminal code.
Before you travel anywhere, it’s important to do your research as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender traveller. Always remember that attitudes toward gay and lesbian relationships may differ from the UK. If in doubt, please use the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association’s website for advice.
We recommend that before considering LGBT travel, you should always research your desired destination. For further reading, please visit the following web pages:
Frommer’s – get tips for gay and lesbian travel in Greece. – advice on LGBT travel to anywhere outside of the UK.
Cyplon Blog – read our ultimate guide to the Greek islands (part 1).
Month: September 2013.
The Mediterranean Diet by Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos is published by Pan MacMillan.
Are you in a food rut?
Food of life: the broader the mix, the greater the benefits. Photo: iStockphoto.
Does every breakfast bowl and sandwich filling look much like the last? Are you cooking the same dinners week after week? If this is you (and it’s often me) it can be because there’s no time to think of anything else.
Is this unhealthy? Not necessarily. Those same-old meals might include impeccably healthy ingredients – it’s just that a broader mix of foods makes it easier to get enough of the different nutrients we need, says Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos, Associate Professor in Dietetics and Human Nutrition at La Trobe University.
“We know we’re meant to eat a variety of foods, but the message is sometimes misunderstood. You can have 20 different types of pasta – but that’s not food variety. Food variety means eating a diverse range of biologically different foods from each food group,” she says.
This means that swapping cous cous for pasta doesn’t count. Both come from the same grain: wheat – also the basis of bread and so much breakfast cereal. Including quinoa, barley and basmati or brown rice, for instance, opens up the range of foods and nutrients.
That’s sometimes easier said than done though. When you’re racing the clock, adding water to cous cous is faster than cooking either quinoa – which needs rinsing first – or barley which takes longer. The solution: cook more than you need and freeze the rest for later.
To bring more variety into our eating we can learn a lot from the Mediterranean food that Itsiopoulos, the daughter of Greek migrants, grew up on. Her research has focused on this diet, including comparisons of the eating habits of middle aged Australians and Greek migrants in Melbourne. One main difference wasn’t just that the Greeks ate more vegetables but that the variety was much broader. An example of how traditional Greek food makes this possible is a vegetable bake with okra that uses ten different vegetables – one of the recipes in her new book The Mediterranean Diet which explains the science behind this way of eating and how to put it into practice in the kitchen.

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