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Nude assholes pics
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70-80k for 30 if you’re any other foreigner. As with all RLDs, some are Korean only.
Jagalchi Station Exit 2, bear left. Cross the street and walk past the 7-11. Keep going down Gudeok road and turn left at the traffic light. After about a block on Cheonma road, turn right, go all the way down and turn left. You may have to walk up some steps. It is a glowing pink terrace, looks like a Sonic level or something.
Google Coordinates: 35.0945,129.0212.
The most infamous red light district. From the Haeundae subway station, take exit 5 toward the beach. Turn right on the street before the main one along the beach. Go all the way down, past the Family Mart and Dongsung Motors car dealership. Make a right, past the first left, past the big parking lot, and make the second right. In this side street, make the first right after the small parking lot.
The whores will all be on the right side, smiling at you if you’re drunk, grimacing at you if you’re white, or ignoring you if you’re black.
Google Coordinates are 35.16 , 129.157.
Short Time Service is about 100k, bareback service is offered but like I said, your chances as a foreigner of getting even a belly rub are low. Used to be 80k. Inflation and collusive whores, what can I say? You’re lucky they haven’t unionized.
This is by no means the only P4P location in Haeundae, just the highest quality one. The girls might be filthy, but they are definitely gorgeous. You can try your luck at the many double-barber pole places around the area. If you’re reading this because you have an actual sex addiction, I would definitely NOT recommend Haeundae, so read on.
Exit 10, take a right. Alleys on either side of the pedestrian bridge. Older women, better service, no rush, shower/toothbrush included.
Google Map Coordinates: 35.2071, 129.07071.
All those sports massage signs are fronts for what was formerly known as anmabangs. Plentiful in Seomyeon, Sasang, Suyeong, and Jagalchi. Prices range from 100k to 300k with a ton of different services. If you find yourself in Suyeong, that’s the most likely place to find methamphetamine. Don’t call it meth though, they’ll think you want to do some trig. Here, it’s called Pee-lo-pone, since it comes from the Philippines. Anyway, you will have a good idea of what to expect right when you walk in, and that is rejection. But if they do accept foreign AIDS (That was a play on words), have a wonderful time!
NOTE : I mentioned sex addicts before- If you are a sex addict you know what I mean, you are looking for value, and you will find it below. However, if you are turned on by. resistance, you will like the shittier service in Haeundae. They will not bother to hide their disgust, and they will beg you to cum fast so the ordeal can be over. Whatever floats your boat, but please don’t cross the line. The last thing Korea needs is another Foreigner Rapes a Korean woman news headline.
The only place with uglier Filipinas than the Philippines is this putrid shit wipe of a street. Take your pick between syphilitic Russian grannies or used-up Pinay cunt. You stand a higher chance of contracting a disease with these women than emptying an entire frat of brocum into your ass.
Decent Uzbek food though: A-, would eat again!
(I refuse to provide directions- I will not be a part of this.)
Already mentioned, but here’s what I’ve seen. There are a lot of sexy noraebangs around the Gupo market, incall/outcall services between Deokcheon and Gupo, and on the outskirts of Deokcheon. Across the street from Kappa Sushi there’s Eros noraebang right on the main street. That area is pretty seedy, judging by the prostie ads. I’ll just reiterate what my Korean buddy JJ told me: Don’t do it. You are essentially paying 50k to feel disappointed and ashamed of yourself.
Also tackled before, this is the gayest part of Busan, and it’s still not very gay. There’s no RLD here, just dozens of back alley gay establishments. Start with Banana bar, the bartender is a friendly bloke and will hook you up with a little gay map of all the gay hook up spots in Korea. Happy dick hunting! 8=====D.
Well, that about wraps it up for Busan. Speaking of which, wrap it up! All the big STDs can go undetected for a long time, and people DO get STDs in Korea. You don’t want to end up sterile because you had asymptomatic chlamydia. For STD screening informaysh, ask elsewhere CAUSE RUBBERS ARE FOR NERDS, AND I’M A NASTY SLUT.
Please fuck responsibly.
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Tourist Guide To Thai Hookers.
Hello class, today we will be discussing Thai hookers.
My reader audience is split into three camps, those who come to Thailand and look for normal Thai girls (players), those who come for Thai hookers only (mongers), and the final group are people I call wise men. This graphic should give you a better idea of what I mean.
Which category do you fit into? Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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