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Most of them don’t set their prices, but the brothel The Shady Lady lists theirs online and advertises that they cater to “the average working man.”
Below are their prices:
$200.00 for 40 minutes $300.00 for one hour $500.00 for two hours $700.00 for an hour of a couple’s party (one hour minimum) $2,000.00 for overnight stays.
Prostitutes usually don’t have the authority to refuse customers unless there’s an “acceptable reason” approved by management.
According to a former legal Nevada prostitute, she wasn’t allowed to refuse a customer.
Once the customer enters the establishment, the available employees line-up and introduce themselves. The customer chooses the one (s)he likes and then the two decides on a price.
In some counties and towns, prostitutes aren’t allowed to leave the brothels during the days they’re working, according to an article in The Guardian.
Prostitutes split their earnings evenly with brothel owners, but if a customer takes a taxi to the establishment, drivers will get 30% of the transaction which will be deducted from the prostitutes pay.
Sex workers are considered independent contractors and don’t receive unemployment, retirement or health care benefits.
Commercial sex workers are considered independent contractors and must register with the county sheriff.
In the city of Winnemucca, sex workers must register their vehicles with the local police and in some cases, they aren’t able to have cars at all.
In 2006, Lyon County made $316,000 in brothel fees and $25,000 in working permits for prostitutes.
Counties make as much as 25% of their business fees from legal brothels and the fees range anywhere from $200 (Lander County) to $100,000 (Storey County) per year. Prostitutes are required to pay $50 for a working permit.
Like other businesses, brothels and prostitutes pay local fees and federal income tax, but are exempted from paying state taxes. In 2005, brothel owners lobbied to pay state taxes because they feared for the legitimacy of their businesses, however, their request was denied.
“The governor just thinks it’s a local government issue and not part of his agenda,” spokesman Greg Bortolin told MSNBC. “He thinks, as well, that he would be affirming the industry if he came out in support of the bill.”
UNHCR: Greece Overwhelmed by Migrants.
The U.N. refugee agency is warning that Greece cannot cope with the flood of refugees and migrants landing on its shores because it lacks proper reception facilities to register and screen them.
The backlog in processing is increasing tensions, violence and chaos, the UNHCR said. A violent flare-up in a crowd on the island of Lesbos Thursday forced its staff to be evacuated briefly from a registration site.
Meanwhile, thousands of refugees and migrants were arriving by sea from Turkey, the agency said.
An upsurge in sea crossings over the past couple of days has increased the death toll, according to UNHCR. In one incident, seven people drowned following a collision between a smuggling boat and a Greek coast guard vessel, authorities said.
Updated facilities sought.
Last Saturday in Athens, during talks with its European Union partners, Greece pledged to open five migrant processing centers. The first so-called “hot spot” reception center is expected to open by next week in the Lesbos community of Mitilini, an official said.
Establishing proper facilities to process the thousands of desperate people arriving in Greece would reduce the turmoil, UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said.
Disturbances during the last few days stem from "the inability to deal with these large numbers of arrivals," he said. "… Some people [are] walking across Lesbos to try and get around the problems there and then moving on through Europe."
The migration crisis isn’t "adequately being managed," in part because of limited facilities, Edwards added.
"Many people go through without being fingerprinted. Many people move along this journey without the basics of dealing with large refugee and migrant population movements being in place. That is what needs to change."
More than 100 people have died making the crossing from Turkey to Greece this year, while more than 3,100 have perished across the Mediterranean as a whole, the UNHCR reported.
So far this year, more than 450,000 refugees and migrants have arrived by sea in Greece, putting enormous strain on local communities, the agency noted.
The European Union has agreed to establish reception centers in so-called hot spots, such as Lesbos.
Until now, it has failed to do so. The UNHCR said it is absolutely urgent and essential to establish the centers to properly manage people and assess who is in need of asylum and who is not.
It said a proper registration process also is essential for the success of a planned relocation of 160,000 refugees mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq among the European Union’s member States.
Australian Islamist Monitor.
Islam Under Scrutiny.
Islam’s European slave trade by Muslim Turks (eg Ottoman) and Tartars: Part G in Islam’s genocidal slavery.

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