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The presence of many Ghanaians among illegal immigrants is linked to Ghanaian trade. Generally the immigration pattern is like a chain reaction; the man leaves Ghana first, followed by his wife, followed by other relatives and fellow-villagers. In this situation of illegal family re-uniting, the man usually cannot support his wife and other relatives on his small, unsteady trade. Periods of extreme poverty are not uncommon.
Little data is available on traffic in African women. Some women did talk about networks between Ghana and Europe. Important connections are said to exist with French criminal organizations and some cases are known about cooperation between European agents and the African underworld. Women are sometimes transported to Europe by way of marriages-of-convenience, arranged in Britain, France, Gibraltar or Germany. Thus, a certain percentage of the Ghanaian women possess a Dutch passport because of marriage to a Dutch man. It seems unlikely, however, that the traffic in African women is set up by a large-scale international organization.
Sex workers from Ghana and Benin.
The target group of TAMPEP in Holland consists of women from Ghana and Benin. They are mostly Ghanaians who speak English or at least Pidgin English, but they do not speak Dutch.
These women originate predominantly from the town of Kumasi in the Ashanti region while a minority comes from Accra.
We approached these women at the windows in Alkmaar, Arnhem and Nijmegen.
Their reasons for travelling to Europe are always economic, because their backgrounds are usually poor, they come to find work in order to care for their relatives back home and also to be able to live better lives. They find work and earn money they would never be able to get in their own country.
The women try to improve the economic situations of their families by buying them some machinery or cars so they can use it in their countries.
African culture demands that you look after your family, otherwise you are useless. This is especially so when travelling abroad because those who have not been abroad think it is paradise in Europe, and they assume there will be plenty of opportunity to help their families in Africa.
Most of the women have children in Ghana who are being taken care of by the family.
The population of Ghana can be divided into three social groups. The top one consists of the self-employed who are generally rich, the middle one is made up of the civil servants, and on the bottom are the unemployed and poor people. The civil servants, although they have permanent work, do not earn much money.
The social role of Ghanaian women is based on the fact that they have to be able to bear children, otherwise they are worthless. When a woman is infertile, her relationship with her husband is not very stable because the man can always find another woman who can have children for him.
Ghanaians believe – and live – in the extended family, so everyone in a family has to behave well in order to preserve the good name of his/her family.
The women consider Europe to be a paradise where one becomes rich quickly. Many of them become disappointed when they realize that life is not so easy in Europe and feel pity that they left behind their better jobs. They regret coming but cannot go back because they either have debts to settle or have sold all their properties. They cannot go back with bare hands, so they accept any work.
Since prostitution is taboo in Ghana, the women do not consider themselves as prostitutes. Prostitution is for them a way to get big money quickly. None of their relatives back in Africa will ever know what kind of profession they exercised during their stay in Europe.
Some of them wish to bring over their children to Europe, so they are in a hurry to earn sufficient capital to allow them to finish with the profession as soon as their children arrive and show them that their mothers are normal, respectable women who have nothing to do with prostitution.
Many of them have given birth to children in Africa before they set off for Europe. Normally they break up with the father of their children before travelling and find themselves a new boyfriend in Europe. They are afraid that their profession might lead to infertility, so if they do not have children yet, they try to have a child before they get really deeply into the job.
The ways they come here are varied. In most cases they are brought over by their families in order to live with people who have already settled themselves in Europe.
In other cases, they are brought by husbands, relatives, or by someone else on an agreement to take something back like money or a car. The women do not explicitly come to work in prostitution – they would take any job that is available. But as they have no permission to stay, or a work permit, many of them will be compelled to work in prostitution, especially if their transfer is being arranged by a sister who is a prostitute herself, or by a stranger who wishes something in return.
If such a go-between is a stranger who demands a considerable amount of money for her or his services, prostitution is the only way to earn enough to cover debts plus saving some money to return to Ghana.

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