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Consider it a warm up before you try getting lucky in north korea lol.
So the dark skinned girls are more likely to get arrested cause theyre sterotyped to be hookers? Or is it that they are with foreigners?
Curious how do they know you are foreigner since cuba is white black n mullato?
[Zolo: It was more my friends than me, or when I was it my friends. I was often mistaken for Cuban my mates reek of Paddy. The Sombreros didn’t help either.>
It was more my friends than me, or when I was it my friends. I was often mistaken for Cuban my mates reek of Paddy. The Sombreros didn’t help either.
To be honest this is a load of bullshit. Women in Cuba can walk the streets with foreigners, even hookers! What so this talk that Cuban women can’t talk or hangout with foreigners. Bullshit! But the again everything else is pretty true. Be straight forward maybe but one a drink and your set.
5 trips to Havana in 5 years for 2 weeks or more had shown me what you have written is total b.s., unless you look like a cuban. I call it the ”havana stroll” the chicas will ask you to walk 50 feet behind them or front when on the street. Last spring a 22 yr old told me to remember her birthdate and her mom and dads name, because these were the questions the cops wud ask me to confirm we were in a long term relationship. I am 60, pass for 50. A chica told me little probs with police if gringo near the same age as an older chica….for eg. 45 yr gringo, 40 yr old chica. It is only on the street tho, no probs in a restaurant or even with in a pedi cab taxi. The chicas know where all the cameras are on Galiano, the Prado, Obispo, and do not want you close to them on those corners. Most of the chicas I have met have resident cards from cities outside Havana, and are allowed only so many months per year in Havana as visitors, so thats another reason not be be seen walking with a gringo as more likely to be stopped and asked for ID.
You’re actually agreeing with then…
can you tel me about Santiago de Cuba i am first time how the night life there.
Hey CP. I was there in 2010 Met up with a local (had a date) at a park in the centre of Havana. We walked just a couple of meters (I am European) and she got arrested, of course I had to come along too.
Cockblocked from an extreme hottie.
Was asked where I met her.. etc etc Even asked me where she lived.
Had a lot of explaining to do but got away.
After getting her and I out… that was it for me.
I have to say that she was not dressed smart. The shortest skirt I have ever seen.
Met a huge lot of verrrry attractive girls, better go to a smaller town / village.
an you mentioned the small villages?
No they can’t walk with us they get picked up by cops. Even if she said Hola to you I was there I know what I see. Only way she can walk with you is if she is in hotel with you or if you go to station to sign that she is your gf. All women’s there are prostitutes. It’s unusual to find good one. You get offered kids mom everything there.
THEY CAN”T WALK WITH FOREIGNERS OR THE COPS WILL PICK THEM UP. I’ve been to Cuba about forty times in the last 10 years. Cubans don’t think of it as prostitution as those in other countries do, it’s more like it’s their job, no big deal. I have been with the same woman for 8 years, she is still afraid the cops will grab her if we walk the main streets together. That said the people are very poor so why would people expect to go to Cuba and all the women there are just supposed to hand it out for free? Does that happen in other countries?
“the women there are just supposed to hand it out for free?”
I’ve been to Cuba about 50 times in last 10 years. Your the only one on here who knows what they are talking about.
Got one I met at the market in Havannah..your right it was hard..still dont know how I pulled it off…had to take her out dancing and pay for cab to her place..
Cubans are absolutely the worst people I have ever encountered. Even when you show them generosity they often do not reciprocate with gratitude.
that’s 100% true .they are only taker cant expect anything return.
I live in Thailand. Its the same here. Maybe worse. In the last 4 years it went for 30 bucks a night to 100 to 300 bucks a night for a lame fuck and terrible blow job.
That’s damn true man.I am Chinese but I got a Cuban girlfriend before.that really sucks.She just never appreciate anything.Also you people might think China is also a poor intimidating communist country,lol.
It may be sad, but somewhat true.
But be fair… you need to understand that for the last 58 years, they have seen “no hope” whatsoever. There is no FUTURE, so they live day to day, enjoying what they can along the way. I am from Cuba, but a much older generation; however, many of my contacts are in their 20s .. the ability to ACT FOR THE FUTURE has been taken away from them. It is not that they are not grateful, it is just that for many “it is what it is” .
Also, when ANY country is in so much poverty, people must do what they do.

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